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Re: Debian LTS: uploaded packages to wheezy-security not available


Markus Koschany <apo@debian.org> writes:
> Am 04.05.2016 um 13:43 schrieb Markus Koschany:
>> Hi Ansgar,
>> In preparation for the default Java switch I have uploaded more packages
>> to wheezy-security yesterday and most of them are available in the
>> archive now. However some of them never showed up there, although I made
>> sure to build with -sa. I guess there is an issue with dak again.
>> The following packages are missing:
>> carmetal
>> imagej
>> jabref
>> Could you take a look at it?
> we have a problem with the wheezy-security suite. Whenever we try to fix
> a package that was once in another section like non-free and is now in
> main, dak won't accept a security upload. In my specific case carmetal,
> imagej and jabref are rejected.
> Shall I reupload the packages and you try your ftp magic on them or is
> there another, maybe better way, to solve this issue once and for all?

Sorry, I forgot about these :(  Will try to look at it tomorrow evening.


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