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Re: Should we give security support for squid when wheezy also has squid3?

On Thu, 02 Jun 2016, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> Raphael, very good to know about the principles. I thought we primarily
> supported what sponsors use but now I understand that we support the whole
> release.

Yes we handle packages used by sponsors in priority. But when we have
dealt with all issues in the packages that they use, we handle issues in
other packages as well.

But even then squid is among the packages used by our sponsors (about
10% of the sponsors use the package).

> You also asked how I saw that we had 16 DLAs. Well I did not look enough.
> Now I see that there have been 16 DLAs since woody and that is a very long
> time. It is about one a year.

And those were DSA issued by the security team not DLA issued by the LTS

> Considering this I fully agree with you that we should support this package
> too. I will most probably claim it once I have fixed the problem in dhcpd5.


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