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Re: bits.debian.org: Wheezy LTS post about armel and armhf support

On 31.05.2016 22:41, Ana Guerrero Lopez wrote:
> In bits and annoucements we prefer to be more verbose, so the message is
> complete and understandable for the wider audience, even the ones not
> familiarized with the topic.
> Given that this is a short news/update on former news, we think it's better if
> you send it to the LTS-announce mailing list, and from the publicity team we
> can microblog it and mention it in the next DPN.
> If you still want to publish the info in bits.debian.org, please review our
> alternative proposal at https://pressblicity.titanpad.com/20



I have no strong preference for publishing in bits.debian.org or on
lts-announce again because I think it was even you who suggested to use
bits.debian.org for this small news update in our IRC channel. The
updated draft at https://pressblicity.titanpad.com/20 looks good to me
but if you prefer an e-mail announcement to lts-announce I can do that
as well of course and will send one shortly.



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