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Re: squeeze update of chrony?

Hi Vincent,

On 08-02-16 18:23, Vincent Blut wrote:
> That’s the plan, yes. By the way, I’ll contact you in the next few days
> to review 2.2.1-1 which is mostly ready.

Ok. Please be aware that I might not be able to act on the review this week.

>> And although this vulnerability is tagged as no-dsa, you can still
>> prepare a point release update and communicate with the RT to get it in.
> Yes, I’ll fix this in jessie and wheezy.


>> PS: did you on purpose not create a squeeze-lts branch in your git repo?
> Well, do you have any tips to properly handle this? I guess using
> "gbp import-dsc" would do the trick but…

Yes, with proper arguments to do this on the right branch. I would first
branch on the right place and only import the missing releases. I
believe there are even options to pull straight from snapshot.debian.org
(but I have never used those before).

> P.S. I’d like to apologize for my “long” silence, but I’m facing a
> shitstorm IRL. :-/

NP. Take care of whatever you need to take care of. The note is
appreciated though, such that "we" can act on it if needed.


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