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My Squeeze LTS activities for October 2015

Hi there,

Freexian assigned me 13.5 hours in October to work on Squeeze LTS, and
this is what I have done, partially working already on November.

I started the month as LTS frontdesk, and I committed around eight
changes into the svn repo to triage different issues.

Then, I focused the heavy work on packaging mysql-5.5 for squeeze.
Sadly, mysql 5.1 is now unsupported upstream, and Oracle does not
disclose information to know if squeezy is affected by security flaws.
Since mysql is highly used by the squeeze users, we needed to find a

Taking the packages made by the security team for wheezy, I have
initially packaged and uploaded to my personal repo the 5.5.44 version
and currently the 5.5.46. I followed Raphaël Hertzog's suggestions,
dropping the unversioned packages libmysqld-pic, libmysqld-dev,
libmysqlclient-dev, mysql-server, mysql-client.

Raphaël also suggested to drop mysql-common, but I found some
incompatibility issues among the two versions (see below). However, to
be sure about this, I am currently building a new package to verify
if it's safe to drop it.

For the moment, I moved the mysql-common to mysql-common-5.5, which
conflicts against mysql-common (>= 5.5.44-0+deb7u1) so apt will clean it
when the users will upgrade to wheezy.

I am happy with the current state. I have successfully tested a
wordpress site. I have also verified will smoothly upgrade to wheezy,
and that the user could downgrade to mysql 5.1.
However, it would be really, really  useful if we could have some
feedback from the users.

Moreover, Raphaël found some issues with packages relying on
dbconfig-common. I have started to test the packages listed in:




* mysql-common 5.5 is not fully compatible backwards. A user wanting
  to downgrade to mysql 5.1 would get some errors when trying to start

  [ERROR] /usr/sbin/mysqld: unknown variable 'lc-messages-dir=/usr/share/mysql'
  [ERROR] Aborting

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