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Re: Using the same nss in all suites


On Thu, 05 Nov 2015, Guido Günther wrote:
> I haven't found an explicit statement about ABI stability on the nss
> site but RedHat and others seem to be doing fine with always using the
> latest version in all suites and I wonder if we should do the same. This
> would probably include updating the nspr dependency from time to time
> too.
> I wonder what's the maintainers and security teams stance on this?
> Should we do this? Should we start with this during Jessie? If so I
> would be happy to prepare packages for the different distributions and
> do some testing.

I think it makes sense, in particular since we are already backporting
iceweasel/icedove. And the Icedove maintainer just explained me that the
backports use again the bundled nspr because they need a newer version
compared to what we have in our stable releases.

So that would also allow us to avoid using embedded libraries that we
have to track separately afterwards...

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