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Re: Testing mysql-5.5 on squeeze

Hi all,

I am not really going to do any of this work for mysql-5.5, but...

On 30-10-15 17:11, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> And this gives more ideas of things to verify: test install all packages
> depending on dbconfig-common and offering mysql support.

If there are any questions related to what dbconfig-common does or
should do (and possible issues with how packages use dbconfig-common),
please ask. I took over maintenance last year and know (or should) now
quite a lot of its internals. I already experienced bug reports where
the blame was on (changes in) dbconfig-common, but the package calling
it was actually doing it wrong. Also, I fixed quite some issues, maybe
it helps to backport some for this endeavor (although there isn't one
that straight comes to mind).


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