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Testing mysql-5.5 on squeeze


I have been testing the mysql-5.5 package prepared by Santiago in his

  deb https://people.debian.org/~santiago/debian santiago-squeeze-lts/
  deb-src https://people.debian.org/~santiago/debian santiago-squeeze-lts/

Here are the first problems I discovered:

 * phpmyadmin would not install choking on a SQL error in
   we need to replace "timestamp(14)" with "timestamp".

 * installing a package depending on mysql-server or mysql-client
   will drop mysql 5.5 and reinstall 5.1... so I believe that we need
   to update those binary packages too. But we should changer their
   dependencies to "mysql-server-5.1 | mysql-server-5.5" and
   "mysql-client-5.1 | mysql-client-5.5" respectively so that they
   still install the default mysql version but so that they can be kept
   when the admin switches to 5.5.

And this gives more ideas of things to verify: test install all packages
depending on dbconfig-common and offering mysql support.

I have put all this in a pad so that we can easily update it:

Strike packages that you did test with mysql 5.5, possibly both for an upgrade
(install foo, upgrade mysql to 5.5, test) and a fresh installation (upgrade
mysql to 5.5, install foo, test).

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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