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Re: libemail-address-perl, no "squeeze update of ..." mail sent, yet

On Tue, 29 Sep 2015, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> another question about this simple fix-up (SORRY)...
> As it seems the issue is only referenced via a TEMP-* ID [1] in the Debian
> Security Tracker. Furthermore, no bug is referenced there [1], either.
> And... the issue is already fixed in testing/unstable.

Then you don't put any reference in the changelog except
maybe a clear description and the upstream commit ?

But you pay attention to this to properly mark the entry
as solved in the security tracker:

> Shall I file a new bug with exact affected versions (as found in jessie,
> wheezy, squeeze-lts) and attach it to the TEMP-* security tracker ID and
> then reference that new bug in my squeeze-lts upload?

I don't think that it's required.

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