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Re: Bug#773834: Preparing a release for stable and lts

I want a LST release of squeeze discs TOO! if possible!

Currently theres problem in squeeze with Xorg and DRI, the backports
packages used DRI 2 in most modules, but only recen itel and noveau
modules uses DRI2, te rest of itel, ati and savage/chrome/via uses
DRI1, so GLX and some graphics support are broken!

Why not a kertnel with DRI 1 support for current squeeze? jessie does
not run on a wide range of older pc, only the most recent (if u
installed a web broser, and the libreoffice, that's all, all get

I used debian squeeze due are most faster and stable rather than
wheeze or jeesie

I can apport time and bug hunter for squeeze backports..

Lenz McKAY Gerardo (PICCORO)

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