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Re: php5 packages for testing


On Thu, 07 May 2015, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> This is a pretty weird thing to do with the version.  If you had
> packaged a git snapshot then the version should have been
> 5.3.3+git$DATE, but it doesn't appear that you have so I don't think it
> was appropriate to change the orig source at all.
> I don't have any good suggestions for adding binary files to a 1.0
> format package, though I believe the old way was to MIME-encode or
> uuencode them and then decode at build time.  (Ugh.)

Altering the orig source might be OK but the upstream version should
reflect that it has been altered by Debian. The convention we tend to use
is to append "+ds" ("debian specific") and not inventing a fake ".1"

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