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Re: eglibc update for GHOST CVE-2015-0235



On Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> Of course we do! That said the current LTS team doesn't have access

> to embargoed information and thus nobody prepared the update in advance.


Lucas now contacted me about this and he said he would try to start with some informal discussions at FOSDEM about how to solve this. To accellerate this a bit I've put him and the security team in cc: - as we both agreed an email discussion first is also good. "Whatever works."


Please keep in mind that Debian LTS is not even a year young.


> The announce has not yet been sent to debian-lts-announce however.

> Holger will probably do it once he wakes up.


actually I did sent it last night already but there was+is a problem with the lists, which the listmasters are currently sorting out.




Holger, still at his first coffee…




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