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Re: End of life for MySQL 5.1

- Try to backport fixes based on the 5.5.x interdiffs (since Oracle
  publishes no detailed bug details). Complicated, but could be done
  in collaboration with Red Hat, RHEL 6 is also based on MySQL 5.1.

* Raphael Hertzog:
Do we have contacts at RedHat to discuss such plans ? Florian ?

On 27.01.15 16:48, Florian Weimer wrote:
There is now a public bug describing the situation:


Summary: The recommendation is to use software collections instead.

would be it possible to replace it with MariaDB 5.1, by any chance?

if someone is forced to upgrade to MySQL 5.5, they as long might switch to
Wheezy, not talking about upgrade problems
(I had innodb-related problem when upgrading on 2 machines...)

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