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End of life for MySQL 5.1

I just noticed that MySQL 5.1 is now EOLed by Oracle:


| Per Oracle's Lifetime Support policy, as of December 31, 2013, MySQL
| 5.1 is covered under Oracle Sustaining Support.

As per http://www.mysql.com/support/ this means:

| No new releases, no new fixes (no error correction for new issues), no new updates

The mysql derivatives also stopped support for 5.1, e.g. mariadb's
last 5.1 release is a year old.

Possible solutions:
- End of life for mysql in Debian LTS (but massive reverse deps)
- Provide a backport of 5.5 for squeeze-lts (mysql also ships a lib,
- Try to backport fixes based on the 5.5.x interdiffs (since Oracle
  publishes no detailed bug details). Complicated, but could be done
  in collaboration with Red Hat, RHEL 6 is also based on MySQL 5.1.

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