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Re: what to leave in sources.list?

Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote...

> which sources I should keep in sources.list?

If you leave them all, little can go wrong. In the worst case the
might start failing at some point in the future, you can still remove
them then.

> I have four now:
> - main squeeze
> - updates (formerly volatile)

These two should not see any further updates, but see above.

> - security updates

Keep for the time being. In earlier releases there have been updates
past the official end of support, I'm not informed whether there are
still items in the queue for squeeze.

> - LTS updates

I bet you want to keep that :)

> I expect moving squeese-updates (formerly backports) along with security
> updates to main archive and leave only it and LTS.

No, although I consider it worth an idea to clean out security.do and
move everything to the regular archive by a final point release. But
I'm not in the position to decide that.

> What about backports?

As you like it. Since some packages are no longer supported in
squeeze-lts and their number will grow, using a backport instead might
be a solution if you need that particular functionality.


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