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[Fwd: Re: LSB and woody]

Forwarded by request of the DPL.  Comments?

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On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 06:50, Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader
> Since the LI18NUX2K tests have been waived, it seems doable to get
> updated packages ou for woody to comply with LSB 1.3.  I'm sure you've
> done some tests.  What exactly would have to be updated?

Apart from the LI18NUX2K stuff, my testing has only one failure left of
interest.  This failure is intermittent, and I am of the opinion that
the failure reflects a race condition in the test, not a deficiency in
woody (or sarge, since it appears there as well).  I'm still working
with the LSB people to figure out what's going on; in any rate, the test
can be "rigged" to pass if necessary.

I have both an apt repository and a patch directory containing all the
changes needed to get woody to this point.  The patch directory is here:


and the apt repository is here:

  deb[-src] http://hackers.progeny.com/~licquia/lsb/apt/ woody/

Updates are needed to the following packages: alien, bash, cpio, glibc,
grep, pax, and sed.  Alien is not provided as a patch; alien 8.36 seems
to be perfectly adequate, and it installs on woody without any
problems.  We need at least alien 8.36.

In addition, we need to either move to kernel 2.4.19 or patch our 2.4.18
kernels with the patch I provide.  

Of the patches I provide, only one has not been accepted upstream: the
bash patch, which adds support for [[:hyphen:]] to the globbing code in
bash 2.05a.  Bash in sarge supports [[:hyphen:]], but I wasn't able to
easily find the exact change that made that possible, so I wrote my own.

A summary report with my current results can be found here:


Three failures are attributed to LI18NUX2K; I've been told by the LSB
team that the utilities in question were likely an oversight, so I'm
expecting them to clarify that.  The last is the intermittent failure I
mentioned above.

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