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Volume ID with mkfs.msdos


I am using a fairly up to date sid (live-build 1:20210122) to build a sid ISO - and it's not working right now.

This is caused by two invocations of mkfs.msdos that use the current epoch as the volume-id (line 80 in /usr/lib/live/build/efi-image and line 261 in /usr/lib/live/build/binary_grub-efi). If you take the volume id parameter out, the build works.

The volume-id is supposed to be a 32bit hex number (in hex notation), and the epoch is significantly larger than 8 digits. Older versions of mkfs.msdos tolerated that - but the latest does not.

Does the volume-id parameter in efi-image and binary_grub-efi serve an important purpose? If not, could it please be dropped?


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