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Re: I know Wheezy is ancient but...


Stefan Baur wrote:
> Then you need to recreate the ISO (genisoimage or xorriso), and make
> sure to add the files required to boot from it as well.

Maybe this wiki page can give a guideline for the ISO creation step:
especially with an older Live ISO:

> Creating an image that can be booted from CD/DVD as well as from a USB
> device is possible with xorriso, but not with genisoimage.

If the old ISO does not have an MBR for booting from USB stick, then one
may dare to use Debian's
It might be that the ISOLINUX stuff of the old ISO does not work with the
current MBR, though. Then it would be necessary to to replace the ISOLINUX
bootloader "isolinux.bin" of the ISO by the neighbor of above MBR file

Have a nice day :)


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