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Please activate the pipelines in salsa.debian.org

Hello live team,

recently I've added the file 'gitlab-ci.yml' in the debian directory of
live-build and live-boot.
With this file, and a configuration change in salsa.debian.org, the
latest-and-greatest packages will be automatically built.

The documentation for the yml file can be found on:

On salsa.debian.org, in 'Settings|CI/CD Settings|General pipelines' set
'Custom CI config path' to debian/gitlab-ci.yml

When the pipeline has run (which automatically happens on each commit),
the (unsigned) packages are available for anyone to install.

The end user needs to add the following line to '/etc/apt/sources.list':
deb [allow-insecure=yes] https://live-team.pages.debian.net/live-boot/
autobuilt main

The individual files can be inspected at:
(modify live-boot to match each of the git-repos)

Can you activate the pipeline for live-boot? (For live-build it is
running already)
Should I create merge requests for the remaining git-repos? (The yml
file does not need modification for the diffrerent repos)

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus

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