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Announcing Debian Live RC1

Dear Debianites,

== Announcing Debian Live RC1 ==

The Debian Live team is happy to announce the first generally complete
pre-release version of the Debian Live media ahead of the upcoming final
Debian 10 (Buster) release.

Architectures available: amd64, i386.
Environments available: Cinnamon, GNOME, LXDE, LXQt, MATE,
                        Plasma by KDE, Standard and Xfce.

== What's new ==

=== Calamares ===

Debian Live media ships with a new additional installer called
"Calamares". This installer is an independent project aiming to create a
universal system installer, and it is included in Debian Live media as
an additional option without replacing the debian-installer. Calamares
is a graphical installer that's really easy to use, ideal for an
end-user installing on a typical desktop or laptop. Where it most
notably falls short compared to debian-installer is that it doesn't yet
support RAID (and other certain complex partition tasks), pre-seeding or
installations. However, its easy to use interface makes it ideal for a
very large percentage of Debian Live users. Anyone who needs more
advanced features can, as always, still boot in to Debian Installer from
the live media.

Calamares upstream website: https://calamares.io

=== New live desktop flavour: LXQt ===

A new desktop environment is available on Debian live called LXQt.

LXQt is a lightweight Qt-based desktop environment.

Historically, LXQt is the product of the merge between LXDE-Qt, an
initial Qt flavour of LXDE, and Razor-qt, a project aiming to develop a
Qt based desktop environment with similar objectives as the current LXQt.

LXQt upstream website: https://lxqt.org/

=== New live flavour: standard ===

This is not so much new as a it is a re-introduction. The standard live
ISO contains just the Debian standard system. This may be a preferred
way for many people to install a desktopless Debian system, since
installing from a compiled live image (squashfs system) is significantly
faster than installing a system by using individual packages.

=== UEFI Secure Boot ===

When installing on a machine that has UEFI Secure Boot enabled, you no
longer need to disable it in order to install Debian.

=== Look and feel ===

 * A bunch of desktop papercuts and annoyances have been resolved
   (and sadly one or two new ones introduced).
 * Live media now ships with a working Plymouth theme by default. It's
   currently enabled by default in the install system if you install
   Calamares, although not when using debian-installer, this will be
   fixed in a future release but not for Buster.
 * A bunch of error messages during boot have been resolved. These
   Debian Live images probably have the cleanest boot experience of any
   official Debian Live images ever.

=== Pertinent upstream developments ===

 * The VirtualBox display driver is now available in the mainline Linux
   kernel. This means that you can now get the correct resolution and
   resize your desktop in VirtualBox without having to install the
   VirtualBox dkms drivers in the guest.

== Where to Download ==

* amd64:

* i386:

== Known issues ==

 * On the LXQt desktop, a warning will display about existing keyboard
   shortcuts. This will be resolved in a future release.
 * On the LXQt Desktop, double-clicking on the Calamares icon will pop
   up an "Execute file" dialog, a user then has to click on "Execute" to
   launch Calamares. Upstream has a ticket open for this and this should
   be resolved in a future release.
 * On the LXDE Desktop, a prompt pops up by default asking about your
   clipboard preferences.

== Feedback ==

 * File Bugs: https://bugs.debian.org
 * Debian Live mailing list: https://lists.debian.org/debian-live/
 * Debian Live IRC channel: #debian-live on irc.debian.org
   (aka irc.oftc.net)

-Jonathan, on behalf of the Debian Live team

  ⢀⣴⠾⠻⢶⣦⠀  Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) <jcc>
  ⣾⠁⢠⠒⠀⣿⡁  Debian Developer - https://wiki.debian.org/highvoltage
  ⢿⡄⠘⠷⠚⠋   https://debian.org | https://jonathancarter.org
  ⠈⠳⣄⠀⠀⠀⠀  Be Bold. Be brave. Debian has got your back.

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