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DL cheat codes? . . .

 knoppix has a plethora of cheat codes that let you pass instructions
to the kernel and control the boot process which are very helpful in
order to, for example, change/set up a user home directory to a
mounted USB micro or pen drive, so that all configurations are
automatically saved and reloaded and Linux has more space free to do
its things faster than if it had to access the DVD drive.


 I found myself using a lot:

 knoppix no3d
 knoppix toram
 knoppix init 2
 knoppix fromhd=/dev/sda1            Boot from previously copied CD-Image
 knoppix bootfrom=/dev/sda1/KNX.iso  Access image, boot from ISO-Image

 Why don't I go for a full installation? Well, I would find DL cheat
codes much better than having to walk around carrying a laptop. You
would just need a miniDVD (which holds 1.46 GB (enough for a barebones
DL)) and a USB drive, which would both easily fit in your front


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