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Re: Debian Live CD as platform for debian-cd Jigdo download


Lou Poppler wrote on debian-cd@lists.debian.org:
> I would note that debian-live stable versions are also available via
> bittorrent, which probably has more peers available, and is easier on the
> mirrors.

I myself have no clue of bittorrent. So this part would need an author other
than me.

> Here is a guide in general about getting/writing/using debian-live:
> http://debian-live.alioth.debian.org/live-manual/stable/manual/html/live-manual.en.html

Thanks for the pointer.
I missed to take notice of the paragraphs 4.5 and 4.6 among the other stuff
that mainly deals with making a Live system.

Let's see whether i can flatly point to them:

"4.2 Downloading prebuilt images" is too sparse and also points to more
adventurous places than https://www.debian.org/CD/live/.
Current state in JigdoOnLive:

There are no verification instructions.
One could use paragraph "Using GPG to Verify the Authenticity of Live CD
Images" from
A macro
in that page would create a linkable URL of that paragraph.
But i think that the indicator sentences
  gpg: Signature made Wed 21 Jun 2017 03:45:45 AM CDT
  gpg:                using RSA key DF9B9C49EAA9298432589D76DA87E80D6294BE9B
are not very good.
Not all gpg versions tell the full key fingerprin that way. gpg 1.4.18 says
  gpg: Signature made Sun 05 Jun 2016 05:59:09 PM CEST using RSA key ID 6294BE9B

Worse: Both versions of gpg says this with good and bad SHA512SUMS alike.

In JigdoOnLive i propose to look for
  gpg: Good signature from "Debian CD signing key <debian-cd@lists.debian.org>"
  Primary key fingerprint: DF9B 9C49 EAA9 2984 3258  9D76 DA87 E80D 6294 BE9B

"4.5.1 Burning an ISO image to a physical medium" and "4.5.2 Copying an
ISO hybrid image to a USB stick" are Unix-only.
As proud as i am of xorriso, it cannot burn optical media on MS-Windows
or MacOS. Also i wonder whether Cygwin or WSL would support that "cp"
In JigdoOnLive i point to four paragraphs of the debian-cd FAQ:

Have a nice day :)


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