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[jkurik@redhat.com: F24 System Wide Change: Livemedia Creator]

Hi All,

This looks interesting. Might be some things we can learn from it.


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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 09:46:49 +0100
From: Jan Kurik <jkurik@redhat.com>
To: devel-announce@lists.fedoraproject.org, Development discussions related to Fedora <devel@lists.fedoraproject.org>
Subject: F24 System Wide Change: Livemedia Creator

= System Wide Change: Livemedia Creator =

Change owner(s):
* Dennis Gilmore <dennis AT ausil DOT us>

livemedia-creator is a tool that is part of lorax, it has the ability
to make livecd's, raw disk images, and to do pxe2live. We plan to use
it to make pxe2live for Atomic, the LiveCD's and ARM disk images in

== Detailed Description ==
We will be adding to koji the the ability to run livemedia-creator in
a chroot. We will replace the long legacy tools used to make LiveCD's
and ARM disk images, as well as as the ability to deliver pxe2live for
atomic. livecd-creator and appliance-creator only support python2 and
yum, they have not seen any significant development in years and are
increasingly crufty. Using livemedia-creator allows us to use dnf to
create the media via anaconda and to ensure that the media is made the
same way we install any Fedora system, reducing the code paths and
differences in how a system looks based on which tool made it.

== Scope ==
Proposal owners:
* add livemedia-creator support to koji
* add support to pungi to create media using livemedia-creator

Other developers: port spin-kickstarts to work with livemedia-creator

Release engineering: communicate the changes and work with spins
owners to assist in kickstart porting

List of deliverables: All LiveCD's, ARM disk images and pxe2live will
be made with tooling changes

Policies and guidelines: We will be writing and/or updating docs on
how to write kickstarts for Spins

Trademark approval: N/A (not needed for this Change)
Jan Kuřík
Platform & Fedora Program Manager
Red Hat Czech s.r.o., Purkynova 99/71, 612 45 Brno, Czech Republic
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