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Progress, useful test build/boot notes & TODO

I wrote on my blog today about getting re-involved, what we've been
doing lately, some notes about test building and booting official live
images, and a pointer to the TODO on the wiki Iain wrote and I've added
some items to. I hope this is useful/inspiring to users and developers


Debian Live After Debian Live

Get involved

   After this happened[0], my next step was to get re-involved in Debian
   Live to help it carry on after the loss of Daniel. Here’s a quick
   update on some team progress, notes that could help people building
   Stretch images right now, and what to expect next.

Team progress

     * Iain uploaded live-config[1], incorporating an important fix,
       #bc8914bc[2], that prevented images from booting.
     * I want to get live-images ready for an upload, including
       #8f234605[3] to fix wrong config/bootloaders that prevented images
       from building.

Test build notes

     * As always, build Stretch images with latest live-build from Sid
       (i.e. 5.x).
     * Build Stretch images, not Sid, as there’s less of a chance of
       dependency issues spoiling the build, and that’s the default
     * To make build iterations faster, make sure the config is modified
       to not build source & not include installer (edit auto/config
       before ‘lb config’) and use an apt caching proxy.
     * Don’t forget to inject fixed packages (e.g. live-config) into each
       config. Use apt pinning as per live-manual, or drop the debs into

Test boot notes

     * Use kvm, giving it enough ram (-m 1024 works for me).
     * For gnome-desktop and kde-desktop, use -vga qxl, or else the
       desktop will crash and restart repeatedly.
     * When using qxl, edit boot params to add qxl.modeset=1 (workaround
       for #779515[4], which will be fixed in kernel >= 4.3).
     * My gnome image test was spoiled by #802929[5]. The mouse doesn’t
       work (pointer moves, but no buttons work). Waiting on a new kernel
       to fix this. This is a test environment related bug only, i.e.
       should work fine on hardware. (Test pending.)
     * The Stretch standard, lxde-desktop, cinnamon-desktop, xfce-desktop,
       and gnome-desktop images all built and booted fine (except for the
       gnome issue noted above).
     * The Stretch kde-desktop and mate-desktop images are next on my list
       to test, along with Jessie images.
     * I’ve only tested on the standard and lxde-desktop images that if
       the installer is included, booting from the Install boot menu
       option starts the installer (i.e. didn’t do an actual install).

Coming soon

   See the TODO[6] in the wiki. We’re knocking these off steadily. It
   will be faster with more people helping (hint, hint).

  0. http://syn.theti.ca/2015/11/09/the-passing-of-debian-live/
  1. https://tracker.debian.org/news/727349
  4. https://bugs.debian.org/779515
  5. https://bugs.debian.org/802929
  6. https://wiki.debian.org/DebianLive/TODO


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