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Re: I'm not dead yet! (with apologies to Monty Python)

...and I am very glad!

On Friday 13 November 2015 08:27:23 Ben Armstrong wrote:
> So please, everyone who is anxious about what happens in the coming
> months, remain calm about this and let's not spread disinformation. If
> the Debian CD team succeeds in their efforts and produces a replacement
> that is viable, reliable, well-tested, and a suitable candidate to
> replace live-build, this can only be good for Debian. If they are doing
> their job, they will not "[replace live-build with] an officially
> improved, unreliable, little-tested alternative". I've seen no evidence
> so far that they operate that way. And in the meantime, live-build
> remains in the archive -- there is no hurry to remove it, so long as it
> remains in good shape, and there is not yet an improved successor to
> replace it.

That is what I wanted to hear, Ben, thank you!

Yes, the ability to choose between alternative tools is a good thing.

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