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Re: An abrupt End to Debian Live

I whole-heartedly agree with Michael.

It all gives the impression that there is an emerging bourgeoisie who would 
rather obstruct something than not control it. This concerns me, as a 
righteous proletarian. I thought FOSS was all about working code, and 
permitting other people to build on that code.

I only used debian-live once, and it worked perfectly for the purpose I 
needed. It's a shame when working code disappears to be replaced by an 
officially improved, unreliable, little-tested alternative.

I do hope this isn't symptomatic of the end of a golden age.

On Friday 13 November 2015 11:05:05 Michael . wrote:

Daniel, since this rukus blew up and your announcement I have been considering 
my involvement with Debian (I have even install Devuan to see if that would 
suit my purposes). I don't have anything to add to my previous comments apart 
from I hope you create a Debian Live repository or PPA and let us know where 
it is located. Debian Live is to good a project (and tool) to just let die. 
Many people, apart from myself, rely on Debian Live (to create our own purpose 
specific distros, which is something you know already) and its demise will 
create many problems downstream (which is obviously something the "other" team 
chose to ignore when they started this mess). I don't want to pressure you 
into anything, even though the crux of this email is to highlight the problems 
that will occur downstream, I just want to let you know that Debian Live does 
have a loyal following of people who do use it for reasons that are to help 
others even further downstream.



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