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Re: An abrupt End to Debian Live

On Mon, 09 Nov 2015 17:47:09 +0100
Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.com> wrote:

> Debian can be great.

And that greatness is fading.


Thank you for your efforts on Debian Live.

I have been a GNU/Linux user for two decades, a Debian user for half of that. I have used Live since near its inception in order to be able to use Debian during my down time at work, where I could not do a proper install. It's helped me to enhance my shell scripting skills without having to resort to things like cygwin. I've done this by experimenting as well as modifying Live scripts when I've come across one-off problems on my own systems. I've learned a bit of troubleshooting of things like syslinux and mkfs.ntfs when creating a large image. For this learning experience, I am grateful to you. I wish I had the skills to have contributed to the project, as a token of my appreciation.

It's a shame Debian has taken this route. An even greater shame is that you are not the first to suffer this bias against what they proclaim is a project that "claims to be official." I have never seen you claim thus, and so their claim is bogus. Different circumstances, of course, but the same was done to the Debian Multimedia project.

Dare I say Debian's working hard to take the freedom from Free Software.

Daniel, as well as the other major contributors to this project, I hope the future finds your bigger and better projects, wokring with people that give recognition where it is due, rather than casting them aside.

-- Anthony Thomasel
FSF Associate Member #12876
"If I'm your mission, Shepherd, best give it up. You're welcome on my
boat, God ain't." -Capt. Malcolm Reynolds

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