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Re: Bug#804315:Namespace issue

+1, there is definitely a lack of communication there which is most likely to be considered as disrespectful to a bunch of people involved in live-build and live-build related (ie : downstream projects using debian-live).

When something appearing as a fork (even if it's said differently) is using a level of reasons of this kind :
"This is not Debian", "this is not pure-debian", "I know I'm going to upset people but I'm gonna do it anyway" [1],... without the respect due to human-s involved in a project, then this is definitely is *not* sticking to the spirit of the debian social contract.

One can understand that anyone is not super-well-skilled with communication (this is mostly referring to the recents e-mails from some people involved in vmdebootstrap mainly but not limited to since everyone here is human and can act this way by mistake) and there is nothing wrong with that, we are all *just* human and then are making mistake, but one can as well understand that after such a miscommunication problem and this huge bunch of messages on the lists [2], there is some communication that needs to happen.

Debian is not only about code. Hope to see that coming back soon in proper communications *and* decisions.

So, hands down and, please vmdeboostrap people, communicate in an "exchanging" fashion.

Thanks for reading.

[1] funny sentence : if you *know* by advance, ... well then ... don't do
[2] example : https://lists.debian.org/debian-live/2015/11/

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+1 Here Please! 

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 11:27 PM chals < chals@chalsattack.com > wrote: 

On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 2:48 AM, Michael . < keltoiboy@gmail.com > wrote: 
> Good afternoon Neil McGovern. 
> As a user of Debian and user of Debian Live I am personally contacting you 
> to express my disappointment over the issue named in the title of this 
> message. The available evidence appears to indicate behind closed door 
> machinations in which only a few people were privy to and those same people 
> made decisions which affect not only Debian users but also Debian itself. I 
> would, personally, appreciate it if you, as the Debian project leader, would 
> look into the events leading up to this decision and opened the discussion 
> up to users of Debian Live but also gave the Debian Live team an opportunity 
> to state their case. 
> I believe openness is the only way an community can work productively yet it 
> seems Debian is slowly becoming a closed court. If this is the case then 
> Debian is a project that has lost its way. I, personally, find this to be a 
> great pity. 
> Regards. 
> Michael. 

+1 Michael. 


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