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Bug#804315: Renaming package live-build-ng to live-wrapper

retitle 804315 ITP: live-wrapper -- live image wrapper for vmdebootstrap

Hi All,

My original aim for this was that this new tool would be integrated into the
existing Debian Live project, and that we would bring the Debian Live
project into Debian. This is not the way it has gone.

The naming of the package live-build-ng was not intended to serve as a
request for live-build development to stop, or for the packages to be
removed from Debian. This was intended to be an evolution of the existing
ecosystem with tighter integration to the needs of debian-cd, debian-boot
and debian-blends while still maintaining support for derivative

While the vmdebootstrap, debian-cd and debian-boot teams have assisted in
the development of live-wrapper it was ultimately me that chose the name
when filing the ITP bug. Please direct all abuse at me, but please keep it
to either direct mail to myself or debian-{devel,live}@lists.d.o. There is
no need to pollute other lists unless it is directly relevant to that team.

This package will be integrated with the existing Debian Live ecosystem as
planned and my hope is that existing Debian Live developers will be willing
to collaborate. This package will be maintained by the Debian Live team.

I apologise to everyone that has been upset by the ITP bug. The software is
not yet ready for use as a full replacement for live-build, and it was filed
to let people know that the work was ongoing and to collect feedback. This
sort of worked, but the feedback wasn't the kind I was looking for.



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