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Re: [Vmdebootstrap-devel] Bug#804315: Namespace issues

On Mon, 9 Nov 2015 11:18:32 +1100
"Michael ." <keltoiboy@gmail.com> wrote:

> >There is no namespace issue, we are building on the existing
> >live-config  
> and
> >live-boot packages that are maintained and bringing these into
> >Debian as native projects. If necessary, these will be forks, but
> >I'm hoping that won't have to happen and that we can integrate these
> >packages into Debian and continue development in a collaborative
> >manner.  
> Actually there is and I think any person who works in a legal capacity
> would verify that.

No, in the Debian project, no team has exclusive rights over package
namespaces - filename conflicts are different. Namespacing should be
consistent with the purpose of the package to avoid confusion.
live-build-ng is the next generation of build tool for live images. The
name is appropriate.

> With regards to collaboration, considering this is the first many
> people have heard of this it seems to me you have not gone out of
> your way to integrate people who have been working on these packages
> into your project. As I said in my previous response to the Debian
> Live list (which btw last time someone used the word Debian in a
> unofficial capacity (Debian-Mulitmedia) they were asked to stop I
> haven't seen any requests like this to the Debian Live mailing list
> as yet) it would have been good if "instead of starting a new project
> the group from the new project would be much better off assisting
> with an already well established project
> >live-build has been deprecated by debian-cd, and live-build-ng is
> >replacing it. In a purely Debian context at least, live-build is  
> deprecated.
> >live-build-ng is being developed in collaboration with debian-cd and
> >D-I.  
> Just out of interests sake can you provide proof of this?

He just did. Iain speaks as part of the debian-cd team. The debian-cd
team deprecated live-build and have been looking for a replacement since
before the Jessie release. I made a set of changes which underpin that
support at DebConf15. Iain developed the code based upon that to
deliver the missing support which is required by the debian-cd team.
Job done. Well done, Iain.
> You seem to be very intractable. No discussion, no change of heart,


What has happened here is that the debian-cd team have finally found a
solution to the provision of necessary support which has been lacking
from the debian-live project for an inordinate amount of time.

> not willing to discuss anything with people like Daniel who have been
> doing this for years. If there has been correspondence from any part
> of Debian and the team who are working on Debian-Live that shows this
> is not something new and out of the blue I'll be very surprised.

It's taken long enough already. There is no point waiting when the code
is now working.


Neil Williams

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