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Re: Bug#804315: [Vmdebootstrap-devel] Namespace issues

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 12:45 AM, Iain R. Learmonth <irl@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> It is worth noting that live-build is not a Debian project, it is an
> external project that claims to be an official Debian project. This is
> something that needs to be fixed.
> There is no namespace issue, we are building on the existing live-config and
> live-boot packages that are maintained and bringing these into Debian as
> native projects. If necessary, these will be forks, but I'm hoping that
> won't have to happen and that we can integrate these packages into Debian
> and continue development in a collaborative manner.
> live-build has been deprecated by debian-cd, and live-build-ng is
> replacing it. In a purely Debian context at least, live-build is deprecated.
> live-build-ng is being developed in collaboration with debian-cd and D-I.
> I'm aware that I'm going to be upsetting people, but this has been a long
> time coming and I'm not going to spend time bikeshedding over naming. I
> would rather spend that time on integration of live image creation into
> official Debian infrastructure and building the best system for live image
> creation possible.


Reading what you say, and I beg your pardon before going on, I can
tell that you absolutely have no idea about what the debian live
project is or about its history. But well, I have to admit that if
what you say is true, then you have a point.

You say "I'm aware that I'm going to be upsetting people, but this has
been a long time coming"

Yes you are absolutely right, you are upsetting people, people like me
who have contributed to debian for years and spent hours of effort to
make things better.

"A long time coming"? Excuse me, but the first thing I've ever heard
in all these years is that you and I mean you (not the debian cd team,
who supposedly is responsible for this upheaval)  shows up from out of
the blue claiming that you have the right to do as you please and
decide about the future of the debian live team.

This is, from my point of view, an act of dictatorship and with my
authority as a debian user and contributor for years I demand you step
down from your position and ask for forgiveness to the debian live
team for being so rude, impolite and not worthy of any more of my
priceless words and time.

Sorry for being so rude and impolite but you can only fight fire with fire.

> Consider this thread marked as wontfix.

Consider the same from my point of view.


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