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Re: Dropping rescue as an official flavour

El 23/08/14 07:57, Daniel Baumann escribió:
On 08/23/2014 02:16 AM, adrian15 wrote:
A rescue task for tasksel means having a metapackage like:
but being named as: task-rescue ?

yes (or whatever the tasksel maintainers would name it).

If my assumption is right, do we have the list of rescue packages that
will be there?

if someone would want to work towards such a "task-rescue", he would
start with the rescue package list in live-images.

For those of you that you don't know where that list is (like me just before reading this email) you can check:


where there are two interesting package lists:

* debian-forensics
* rescue

If that's what needed in order to submit the bug I can write an article
about it in my blog (It's a so big answer that I can reuse it as a blog
post :) ) about this subject.

in that case.. it would be nice if you could first review our rescue
list and clean/order/improve it, and then take that list and work out
with the tasksel maintainers if they are interested in adopting that
list for taskel.

Ok, I'll try to do my best. I have been impressed because there are way many more rescue packages on these two lists than what I had thought of originally.

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