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Re: Remastering Debian, getting locale errors

If you're wondering why I don't just use the Live Build tool or just use the ISO output of Live Build (like Crunchbang Linux does), one of the selling points of my distro is being lightweight.  The idea is to keep the ISO files for my distro small enough to fit on a CD, yet include LibreOffice.  I know from past experience that removing packages increases the risk of dependency hell, and there's a good reason that Linux distros usually do NOT remove packages that the parent distro had.  (The only exception I can think of is antiX Linux, which removes KDE from MEPIS Linux.  anticapitalista has more know-how than most distro creators have, including myself.)

My distro Swift Linux also has several editions, and I need to streamline the process so that it can duplicate chroot installations rather than have to start the process over completely from scratch.  There will be a Core edition that I won't release but will be the basis of all editions that I do release (Diet, Regular, and special editions).  Diet Swift Linux will be the Core edition plus AbiWord and Gnumeric.  Regular Swift Linux will be the Core edition plus LibreOffice.  Special editions will be Regular Swift Linux with special wallpaper and a startup sound clip.  I will continue to offer Taylor Swift Linux, and I have a few new ideas for other special editions.

Jason Hsu <jhsu802701@jasonhsu.com>

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