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n00bix - live-build - i386 preview

Dear All,

I've worked long and hard on a customised debian preseed file, which I have now morphed into a live-build project.

I would kindly like some feedback on the live.iso and the live-build repo.
AMD64 will follow shortly too, (already small changes i want to make to i386, but i'd like not to have to constantly update both to start, as i have small bandwith and takes a good couple of hours to upload).

It uses nonfree firmware and packages, enlightenment e17 with a custom theme, and hopefully everything a normal day to day user would need to just up and go. An installable version will be coming shortly too, but i need to test that functionality.

The memory usage is low, as a key factor without sacrificing features or modern requirements.

Any help appreciated.

The (apparent) homepage.

The sf page with the ISO

The live config

Many Thanks
Anthony (bofh80)

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