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Debian Live: Feedback


I wanted to use a crunchbang waldorf liveUSB with persistence so, as it is based on the debian live system, I used the great debian live documentation and followed part 10.3 of the manual [1] that addresses the persistence topic.

With those instructions I couldn't get a liveUSB with persistence and I found that the filename for the persistence configuration has changed to "live-persistence.conf" as found out by Kye, a crunchbang user [2]:
«Debian Live Manual
Also many Debian forums that told me that the configuration file should be named "live-persistence.conf" instead of "persistence.conf"»

So I'm hoping you correct the manual so others can use the persistence based on your great documentation project.

[1] - http://live.debian.net/manual/stable/html/live-manual.en.html#529
[2] - http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=25489

Best regards,
Mário Pinto

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