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Adding apt-get repositories to Live Build

I've been familiarizing myself with Live Build.  I understand that the live-images-wheezy script from the live images Git repository is the one used to create every edition of Debian Live (standard, rescue, LXDE, etc.).

Is there a way I can add repositories for apt-get in the Live Build script?  For example, how would I add the packages from http://packages.crunchbang.org/waldorf to create my own copy of CrunchBang Linux and get the Live?

If you're wondering what I'm trying to do, here is the back story:
I have decided to base the Linux distribution I started (Swift Linux) DIRECTLY on Debian.  Basing my distro on a derivative (like antiX Linux or Linux Mint Debian Edition) required removing packages, which led to dependency hell.  The dependency hell was particularly troublesome when I tried to remove GNOME from LMDE.  Given that one of the objectives of Swift Linux is to fit onto a CD, removing packages was necessary.

Thus, I have concluded that basing Swift Linux on Debian Stable is the way to go.  (To be fair, antiX Linux and LMDE were never intended to be parent distros.)  I've been using CrunchBang Linux, and it has won me over.  I will be using parts of the CrunchBang playbook, particularly for the under-the-hood aspects.  The idea is to combine a Debian Stable base (just like CrunchBang) with a UI that looks and feels more like Puppy Linux and antiX Linux.

Thus, I'll be using a modified version of the Debian Live remastering process.  My script will start off with debootstrap to create the most basic Debian setup, install most (but not all) of the Debian Live standard packages, install my own special Swift Linux *.deb packages, and then transform the Debian setup in the chroot directory into an ISO file.

Jason Hsu <jhsu802701@jasonhsu.com>

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