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Re: thanks a lot, however build failed.


On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Jeff Crissman <jccrissman@gmail.com> wrote:
It is impossible to add anything to that field.

Why is it even there ?

The field param was designed to be utilized as suggested, but due to potential legal issues it has been set to read only so that only main is included. The potential for legal issues have been discussed before and there appear to be some potential legal issues with including anything but main.

Personally I am not a lawyer and I do not fully understand why a user can not request contrib and non-free (which I believe all users of the cgi frontend would benefit from having them included) with some kind of agree to terms or something, but again I am not a lawyer hence, I must listen to those who have a greater understanding of the matter than I do.

Please know that  but I am the sole person who maintains the cgi service and my philosophy of the service with Debian-Live is to attempt to make the world better and your life easier one build at a time.

For those who are interested, currently the build server is located in the US. So if someone with legal experience on this type of matter can suggest a way to include contrib and non-free while keeping me out of any potential legal cross-hairs that is fine with me.

I hope the explains why the field is read only.

On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 12:16 PM, Diederik de Haas <didi.debian@cknow.org> wrote:
On Saturday 17 May 2014 20:51:20 Raya Bodnaru wrote:
> unfortunately, my build failed, and here is the log:
> http://cgi.build.live-systems.org/build/20140517.162650.799930192/log.

Did you specify 'non-free' in 'Advanced bootstrap options' (and then you'd
probably also want 'contrib' there)?

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