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Bug#747508: Done: [live-tools] scripts not aligned with last upstream release

sorry I have confused the old and the new script

my confusion is originated by some syntax errors found in the new script bin/live-medium-eject

for example, the line:
_DEVICE="$(awk '/\/lib\/live\/medium / { print $1 }' /proc/mounts) | sed -e 's|/dev/||' -e 's|[0-9].*$||')"
is wrong, the correct line is
_DEVICE="$(awk '/\/lib\/live\/mount\/medium / { print $1 }' /proc/mounts | sed -e 's|/dev/||' -e 's|[0-9].*$||')"

also, the condition
[ ! -x "$(which eject 2> /dev/null)" ]
it means the opposite, related to the context

finally, the line
eject -p -m ${_DEVICE} > /dev/null 2>&1
must be changed in
eject -p -m /dev/${_DEVICE} > /dev/null 2>&1

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