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Re: Polish translation for debian live-manual started.

On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 9:27 PM, chals <chals@chalsattack.com> wrote:
> Last but not least, you will be able to see the Polish translation in
> the autobuild almost immediately after you receive this mail (provided
> everything goes well).

The Polish translation of live-manual is already online at
http://live-systems.org/manual/current/ There was an initial problem
with the links to the files that prevented the browsers from reaching
the actual files. But the problem is already fixed now.

In order to fix the problem it was necessary to change "pl_PL" for
"pl" in the index file. This is not initially a big deal but
live-manual seems to prefer the two letter language code. I imagine
this is due to the fact that SiSU, the software that processes all the
documentation also uses them.

This log quote is form the sisu irc channel, Ralph, the author of SiSU
pasted the list of supported languages (the log dates back when
Japanese was added to the list):

06:39 < ralph> am bg bn br ca cs cy da de el en eo es et eu fi fr ga gl
               he hi hr hy ia is it la lo lt lv ml mr nl nn no oc pl pt
               pt_BR ro ru sa se sk sl sq sr sv ta te th tk tr uk ur us vi
06:40 < ralph> to which one would now be adding zh ja ko (cjk)

One last thing worth mentioning, this time from the live-manual style guide:

* Markup
Translators working initially with pot files and later on with po
files will find many markup features in the strings. They can
translate the text anyway, as long as it is translatable, but it is
extremely important that they use exactly the same markup as the
original English version.

So please be careful with it because I noticed that there are several
formatting errors for that reason. It is not a big problem, these
small details can be fixed/improved at any time. I offer myself to
help in whatever you may need.

Thank you very much again.


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