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Re: Swapfile on a NTFS partition. Posible, doable or already done?

Update: not only doable, but done.

This would be a way:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/512MiB.swap bs=1024 count=524288
sudo chmod 600 /mnt/512MiB.swap
sudo mkswap /mnt/512MiB.swap
sudo swapon /mnt/512Mib.swap

I didn't know that one could mount and unmount swap so easily with the system already running. I understand now why this is low priority, since it can be done outside live-build.

I know I didn't exactly discovered America here, but anyways, I hope it's useful for those like me who had no clue.

2013/12/11 Marcos Núñez <silver94@gmail.com>
Would this imply changes to the scripts or something more complex? To be short: is it already possible to create a swapfile on an NTFS partition? As far as I understand, it is not... and if so, I believe this would be beyond live-debian

2013/12/11 Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net>
On 12/11/2013 08:21 PM, Marcos Núñez wrote:
> Is there any way to create a swapfile in an NTFS partition (to be chosen
> at boot time) and to be deleted during shutdown?

there's initial code in live-boot lingering around for a couple of
years. patches welcome to finish it up.

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