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Re: Debian for mobile devices

On 11/26/2013 09:00 AM, Faham Shaikh wrote:
> 1) Which Kernel do I use to support Debian on mobile phones

kernel selection for embedded devices is an art in itself, please ask on
the respective porter list for help, e.g. debian-arm@lists.debian.org
for ARM based devices, or on debian-embedded@lists.debian.org.

> 2) How do I make my OS light weight as mobile devices have comparatively
> lesser memory and needs to be faster.

basically you can do stuff in two areas:

  * optimize for install size: rebuild packages, use already rebuild
    packages (like emdebian) or trim packages yourself (with chroot
    hooks) to get rid of unecessary components (such as documentation,
    l10n, additional binaries, etc.).

  * optimize for runtime speed: rebuild packages without support for
    things you don't need (i18n, gtk, $whatever), with different
    compiler options, etc.

both of which are a huge tasks and not a topic here, please refer to
debian-embedded@lists.debian.org for help with embedded systems.

once you have a proper repository of modified packages ready, we'll be
here to help you use live-build with it, should you need any.

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