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Bug#726536: Processed: bts

On 11/03/2013 07:42 PM, intrigeri wrote:
> I've personally given up a while ago on the idea of using the non-stable
> branches in production. (Nor would I recommend anyone to do so.

neither do we.

while we do support running the next stable of live-* on the current
stable distribution (which is what i've said, not the implication to run
4.x alpha versions), we only recommend people using alpha versions for
development/testing purposes. that's why they are marked alpha and
currently in experimental only.

depending on the state of the alpha versions, they might be completely
broken, or perfectly working. if that bothers someone, any help is
appreciated to work on that (see below), or the respective alpha
versions should just not be used. 'workarounding' it by not uploading
alpha versions in the first place and keeping them in git only doesn't
make sense.

wrt/ #726536, clearly, the place to do development is in 4.x and not in
3.x (or even 3.x within wheezy), which is why i emphasised earlier to do
systemd stuff in 4.x. after all, we do not want to have a 3.x branch
having more features/fixes/$whatever than 4.x.

> I would start with a. setting up QA processes and tools to ensure the
> "debian" branch doesn't break anything I care about too often; b.
> helping bootstrap processes to make important decisions collectively;
> c. thinking the roadmap through together, and more importantly,
> updating it regularly to get a clearer sense of how we're doing and
> what others can reasonably expect from us; d. reviewing and testing
> code from others before it lands into the Debian archive).
> Unfortunately, these days I have no time to do any substantial part of
> this

neither do i. of course, anyone is more than welcome to help/work on
these things (and more).

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