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Re: lock kernel upgrade

On 28/06/13 10:01 AM, Fernando Toledo wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Jun 2013 12:29:47 +0000, vinc3nt wrote:
>> --hooks lock-kernel
> You path is wrong, yo must put your script in:
> config/includes.chroot/lib/live/config/

It's not just that. The switch "lb config --hooks" option is not for
live-config at all. Simple examination of the lb_config man page reveals:

       --hooks FILE
           defines  which  hooks available in
           /usr/share/live/build/examples/hooks should be activated.
           Normally, there are no hooks executed. Make sure you know
           and understood the hook before you enable it.

Since 'lock-kernel' is not one of the example hooks that we ship,
there's no way that option is going to do anything useful, and besides
are executed at build time, not run time, which is what vinc3nt wants.

But yes, as per live-config man page:

       live-config can be easily customized for downstream projects
       or local usage.

   Adding new config scripts
       Downstream  projects  can put their scripts into
       /lib/live/config and do not need to do anything else, the
       scripts will be called automatically during boot.

Also, please pay attention to sequence numbers of the scripts already in
/lib/live/config and number yours accordingly (i.e. if your hook needs
other things run first or needs to be run before other things,
manipulate the prefix# to ensure it get executed in correct sequence).

I'm trying to be patient here, but it's a more productive use of my time
if you read the doc. If you find the doc unclear or incomplete, please
let us know, as we are always striving to make the doc better so that
our users can be self-sufficient.


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