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Bug#713957: live-config: manpage is wrong about LIVE_NOCONFIGS usage

Package: live-config
Severity: normal
Version: 3.0.23-1
X-Debbugs-Cc: tails-dev@boum.org


TL;DR: live-config(7) pretends that LIVE_NOCONFIGS equals
live-noconfig=, which is not the case.

As explained in message #45 on #712232, live-config(7) gives these
directions about LIVE_NOCONFIGS usage:

   Everything but the shortcuts that can be configured with a boot
   parameter can be alternatively also be configured through one or
   more files.
       This variable equals the 'live-noconfig=SCRIPT1,SCRIPT2, ...
       SCRIPTn' parameter.
   Removing existing config scripts
       To avoid to always need specifing disabled scripts through
       the boot parameter, a configuration file should be used, see above.

These directions don't work, which is kind of expected (at least for
those who wrote the code) as it completely contradict the intended
behavior that Daniel was kind enough to explain in message #40 on that
same bug report:

  if you want to have all scripts run except a few, and doing that
  with variables, then you need to specify both LIVE_NOCONFIGS and
  LIVE_CONFIG_SCRIPTS in your config file, see the
  'live-noconfig=*|noconfig=*)' case in /lib/live/config.sh.

Note that the manpage has no mention of _SCRIPTS (LIVE_CONFIG_SCRIPTS'
name in 3.0.x), so there's no way one can guess they should set it,
just by reading the manpage.

In earlier versions of live-config, the documentation previously used
to match the actual behavior of the program (I believe the
documentation update was forgotten when the behavior changed in commit
b018878). So, this is a regression in the documentation, which is why
I dare setting "normal" severity.

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