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Re: git cloning during livecd build process

Write a cron job or script to get updates from your git repo and add it to /etc/init.d or the default run level.

Each time live CD boots, this script will get called and you will have latest git content.

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I have a couple of things that I wish to include on my debian livecd which are only available in git repositories at this point.  I would like to have them automatically cloned when I am building the livecd so that I have the current version of the software available when I boot my live system.


I know that the software may become obsolete as I use the live system, but that is why I have enabled persistence so I can update it as I go along.


My question is:


Where should I place a script which will run git clone for the various packages during the lb build process?  I would would have suspected they should be in the hooks folder under config, but that didn’t work, so is there a different folder I should be using?

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