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Re: install read only system

On 08/06/13 07:45 PM, piotr wrote:
>> if I understand piotr correct she/he wants to have his live system (as
>> usually on USB or DVD) to run from HDD. So he wants to use a HDD (SSD?)
>> as medium for his live-system.
>> Marco
> Yep Marco, you've understand correctly what I want.

Then I have already explained it:

>> Am 08.06.2013 02:24, schrieb Ben Armstrong:
>>> If you want to run a live system,
>>> you really don't want to use live-installer to install it. You just want
>>> to put the live system itself on the boot drive of your system (via,
>>> say, dd or so -- or if you don't want to wipe out all partitions on that
>>> drive, you'll have to just take the files themselves and manually set up
>>> the bootloader to boot into it).


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