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Re: install read only system


if I understand piotr correct she/he wants to have his live system (as
usually on USB or DVD) to run from HDD. So he wants to use a HDD (SSD?)
as medium for his live-system.


Am 08.06.2013 02:24, schrieb Ben Armstrong:
> On 07/06/13 07:56 PM, piotr wrote:
>> I would like to do a fix installation of live on 500MB flash drive. 
>> Howto install Wheezy READ ONLY system on a PC/Notebook 1:1 from usb with live hdd using Live Installer?
> Clearly you have specific things in mind when you say "read only" and
> "1:1", but truly I cannot make sense of either of them.
> In its strictest sense, a read-only system is absolutely useless. You
> must be able to write *somewhere* to store the changing state of the
> running system, even if only in a ramdisk. Live systems are such a
> system, with a read-only layer in a union filesystem with a cow
> (copy-on-write) layer in tmpfs. So if what you really want is a live
> system, why bother installing it? Just run the live system.
> What do you really mean by 1:1? A live system and an installed system
> are very different in how they boot and how they operate after they
> boot, so of course it is not really a 1:1 copy. You end up with a lot of
> the same material as you did on the live system, but the copy is not
> exact, as the live-specific bits are removed. But if the live-specific
> bits are removed, then it doesn't satisfy your "read-only" goal ... and
> again, if you wanted a read-only system, why not just run a live system?
> So I'm left confused by your terminology, because you haven't really
> explained what you want in the end. If you want to run a live system,
> you really don't want to use live-installer to install it. You just want
> to put the live system itself on the boot drive of your system (via,
> say, dd or so -- or if you don't want to wipe out all partitions on that
> drive, you'll have to just take the files themselves and manually set up
> the bootloader to boot into it).
> Ben

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