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Re: to not dispaly "Installer" and "Graphical Installer" in the startup menu

Hi Daniel

I've done just a simple test:
# mkdir test
# cd test
# lb config --mode debian -d wheezy -b hdd -p xfce
# lb config --debian-installer false
# lb clean
# lb build
# qemu binary.hybrid.iso

and I still have the Installer option in the startup menu (on startup splash with stars).
What's wrong?

on May 22, 2013, Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net> wrote:
On 05/22/2013 01:58 AM, piotr wrote:
> Howto hide, I mean to not dispaly "Installer" and "Graphical Installer"
> in the startup menu?

lb config --debian-installer false

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