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Re: Most of the time trouble booting USB hybrid image


> On 05/06/2013 06:49 PM, Kay Hannay wrote:
>> When I try to boot from the USB stick, the system hangs in the BIOS [...]
>> I can boot from the USB stick without a problem.
> so the problem is a hardware problem. what kind of computer do you run
> this on, can you reproduce it with another computer?

You are probably right. But it is a strange problem. I now wrote a
new image to a stick. My main test PC is a mini ITC Intel main
board. It is two or three years old. The first time it could boot
from the stick. From that time on it does not boot any more. The
same stick in a Lenovo Laptop and it boots. Sometimes it helps to
generate and write a new image, sometimes not. And even the same
image does boot only sometimes. At least in my main test PC. Maybe I
have to test more on other PCs. But I think you are right, it is
more related to hardware, but very unreliable.

> also, it would be good to use a newer version of syslinux on such
> problematic hardware, as it fixes quirks of some bioses. wheezy has
> syslinux 4.05, please try 4.06 or 5.01.

Interesting point! I will check that after I have tested on more

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards

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