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Re: Debian Live 7.0: 7.0~b4 released

The installer works fine and it ends up with a fully functional gnome desktop.
However, a very few packages are from sid.
After removing /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sid-list, I noticed that libdb5.3, iptables and rygel are from sid.
To get 'wheezy only' packages, aptitude show me

Packages to be downgraded
iptables         1.4.14-3
rygel                    0.16.3-2    0.14.3-2
rygel-playbin            0.16.3-2    0.14.3-2
rygel-preferences        0.16.3-2    0.14.3-2
rygel-tracker            0.16.3-2    0.14.3-2
Packages to be removed
libdb5.3                 5.3.15-4 <none>
librygel-core-1.0-0      0.16.3-2 <none>
librygel-renderer-1.0-0  0.16.3-2 <none>
librygel-server-1.0-0    0.16.3-2 <none>
libxtables9     <none>

I'm not sure if you're aware of that.

Jean-Christophe Saint-Marc

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